defination of surveyor

Land Surveying is the art and science of (1) re-establishing U.S. Public Land Surveys and land boundaries based on documents of record and historical evidence; (2) planning, designing and establishing property boundaries; and (3) certifying surveys as required by statute or local ordinance such as subdivision plats, registered land surveys, judicial surveys and space delineation.


When we observd that every community have their own society in Pakistan e.g Engineers, Doctors, Medical Technologists, Architects, Engineering Technologists and even Associate Engineers also but no one can support the professional surveyors then we planned to make a seperat platform for surveyor whose provide a unity, support and knowledge sharing to Professional Surveying Community of Pakistan because Surveying is the base of Nation Building so how can we ignore the identity of Surveyors.BUT Everything is Impossible without your support so kindly spread this online community and be invite to all professionals at PSC Platform. Now come and join us as online Executive, Professional or Student Member. I will try my best to make better to best for PSC.


A surveyor is more than one of those guys you see out in the road.     Surveying is a vital part of the design and construction process.  We perform boundary surveys to tell people where their property is, map the topography of land for engineering design, establish elevations of homesites for flood insurance, perform title surveys for real estate transactions, certify that structures are built according to design, lay out buildings, subdivisions and other construction projects so the construction companies can relate the engineering plans to the real world, and build control networks that all land parcels can relate to in a given area.  We also map slopes and areas for pay volumes or quantities, map river bottoms for dredging, lay out photo control for aerial photography and photogrammetry, write legal descriptions that are used to describe pieces of property, map and layout corriors for tunnels, roads, airports, pipelines, cellular networks and railroads, and split up properties into new lots, such as subdivisions.  Below, I'll give you a brief overview of what the guys you see in the road are really doing.  The photos are a bit out of date, but you'll get the idea.

responsibilities of surveyors

The practice of land surveying is described in the Illinois Compiled Statutes and Illinois Professional Land Surveyors performing work for the Department must be aware of their duties and responsibilities as per 225 ILCS 330/1, et seq. and 55 ILCS 125/0.01, et seq.

They have no judicial authority to resolve boundary disputes. They do have the legal authority to locate, on the ground, the limits of property ownership according to their interpretation of a valid written description. They gather and evaluate evidence relative to boundary locations and may testify as to their judgment based on their data findings.

The land surveyors have no authority to subdivide land. This authority is with the property owners who may portion off their property in accordance with statutory requirements and local zoning ordinances. The land surveyors act as the agents of the owners, make their surveys, prepare the plats and legal descriptions and certify to the conditions under which their work was completed. In retracing the old and established lines, the land surveyor is obligated to follow the footsteps of the original surveyor. It is therefore essential that they know the historical background of land surveys in the area of their work.

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  • "Land surveying is the practice of the science of measurement; the assembly and assessment of land and geographic related information; the use of that information for the purpose..."
    Defination of LAND SURVEYING

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